My name is Jonathan and I wrote Cutlist a few years ago to facilitate a project I was building. Since then, it's become quite popular and I'm seeking to improve it as I find time, to give all of us a better experience.

If you want to email me for any reason, feel free! Write to jonathan@overholt.org to tell me what it helped you build, how much you liked it, what you think would make it better, or that you think I'm a jerk with a bad haircut. Your feedback is inspiring to me and it makes me feel good to think that I've helped you in some small way.

I left a survey up for almost two years to gather opinions on a few things. If you're interested, here are the survey results.

If you're interested in contracting to have this functionality integrated with your in-house software, I can say that I don't often have many hours to offer for that sort of work these days. However, you might check out the Cutlist Web Service. You can have your developer utilize the web service to leverage the work I've already done and get the functionality with less investment. It's free and there may even be a free example or library to get you going.

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